João Frade (Ba)


João Frade (researcher)

João Frade graduated in Videogames, in Lusófona University (Lisbon). Since the beginning, his biggest passions have been translating and developing apps and games.

During his bachelor’s, he exposed two of his games in the event Play2Learn. One of which (Ficha Tripla) represented, in several other events, the project Educação Acessível, where João had his first contact with inclusive games, destined to the deaf community in Portugal.  From 2019-2021, he started his career as a Software Developer in the project GBL4deaf (at CICANT). His focus was to conclude as a team the most entertaining game for deaf students that complied with the need of learning Mathematics.

Today, he continues working as a Software Developer on games and software involving accessibility (deaf children and intellectual disability people, in Labtec) while enrolled in a Master of Design of Videogames, also in ULHT.

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