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International Journal of Games and Social Impact

The International Journal of Games and Social Impact is a semiannual open-access publication for games research and critique on social change, inclusion, education and Human Rights. IJGSI was established in Lusófona University to research, discover, and foster links between games studies in academia and civil society through educational and knowledge exchanges.


This Journal is supported by the Hei-Lab (https://hei-lab.ulusofona.pt/) and CICANT (https://cicant.ulusofona.pt/) Research Units with the aim to be accepted for indexation in the near future in the most relevant database of peer-reviewed literature.


The editorial board is guided by the highest scientific standards in order to authenticate the most valid and relevant publications in the field of games studies.



Author Guidelines


– Filipe Costa Luz (Lusófona University)

– Micaela Fonseca (Lusófona University)

– Pedro Neves (Lusófona University)


Editorial Manager

– Carla Sousa (Lusófona University)


Editorial Board

– Conceição Costa (Lusófona University)

– Christos Gatzidis (Bournemouth University)

– Ianis Brouzou (Challedu)

– Ivan Barroso (Lusófona University)

– Henrique Galvan Debarba (ITU Copenhagen)

– Jorge Oliveira (Lusófona University)

– José Neves (Lusófona University)

– Kursat Cagiltay (Middle East Technical University)

– Leonel Morgado (Universidade Aberta)  

– Marco Scirea (University of Southern Denmark)

– Micael Sousa (University of Coimbra)

– Nelson Zagalo (University of Aveiro)

– Nuno Fachada (Lusófona University)

– Pedro Gamito (Lusófona University)

– Phil Lopes (Lusófona University)

– Rui Prada (INESC-ID)


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