Glow is a collective of game creators, researchers, educators, and game activists,  with the common interest to explore new game ideas towards social change through play.

Carla Sousa (Ph.D)

Carla Sousa has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, a Master's Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology, and a Post-graduate degree...

Conceição Costa (Ph.D)

Conceição Costa is a PhD in Communication Sciences - Media Studies from FCSH-Universidade Nova de Lisboa (see more)

Fernando Soares (Ba)

Fernando is a Software Developer specialized in Game and Entertainment Systems (Game Developer). He has a BSc in Videogames from...

Filipe Luz (Ph.D)

MSc and PhD in Communication Sciences (New University of Lisbon), Filipe Costa Luz coordinates Videogames Ba studies (see more)

João Frade (Ba)

João Frade graduated in Videogames, in Lusófona University (Lisbon). Since the beginning, his biggest passions have been translating and developing...

José Carlos Neves (Ph.D)

José Carlos Neves main focus research is Interaction Design, a subject he follows on his artistic work and (see more)

Micaela Fonseca (Ph.D)

Micaela Fonseca holds a PhD in Physics (Universidade Nova de Lisboa [PT], 2011). Micaela is Principal Researcher at HEI-Lab (Digital...

Pedro Neves (Ph.D)

Pedro Pinto Neves holds an MA in Digital Game Design and did his PhD thesis (Communication Sciences) on agency in...

Phil Lopes (PhD)

Dr. Phil Lopes has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence applied in the field of Human-Computer and Digital Game Interaction, where...

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