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Casa Pia de Lisboa (CPL)

Agrupamento de Escolas D. Maria II

Agrupamento de Escolas Quinta de Marrocos

Agrupamento de Escolas Professor Reynaldo dos Santos

Associação Portuguesa de Surdos (APS)

FPAS – Federação Portuguesa de Associações de Surdos

Associação Ludus (AL) 

Portugal Telecom (PT)




The research project GBL4deaf – Game-Based Learning for Deaf Students [PTDC/COM-CSS/32022/2017] aims to explore the impact of a videogame as a virtual tool to support mathematics learning for deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) students attended the 2nd and 3rd cycle of Basic Education.

The project pursues a convergent mixed method procedure with a qualitative and quantitative approach. It includes observations, teacher’s interviews, pretest mathematics contents measures, followed by the videogame exposure and posttest. Under the GBL4deaf project, a research-based educational game is being developed as a tool to support mathematics learning for deaf students, and also can be used for hearing students.

Through this project, the game “Planeta em perigo: Uma aventura espacial” was developed. The game is free and can be downloaded here.


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